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CLIENT PORTAL NOTICE: Starting next January 1, 2024, all Galleries of new productions will expire 15 days after delivery. After this time, you will be required to acquire VIP membership of the Client Portal to maintain the galleries and videos on our servers for 2 years and renewable for life. Clients from previous years will have the opportunity to download their photos and videos before that date.


Feb 9

To activate your membership you must make a payment of $250 to enter the list of participants to win the biggest prize that would be the production that is in the announcement of the month’s draw, for example THIS PACKAGE for only $250 dollars for the winner. If you haven’t won the prize, don’t worry, even so, just by activating your membership you are entitled to a 20% discount on all our packages. In a period of 7 Days after the end of the draw.

Feb 7

The 4 Hours package will no longer be Available.

The 4-hour production package will no longer be available starting from March 20th. The packages will be for 6, 8, and 10 hours. To accept a reservation for 4 hours, it must be for a Micro Production, with various requirements including a small venue and an event with fewer than 20 guests.

Feb 7

Session for only $99. An event designed for visionaries. Corporate Photos for entrepreneurs.

Feb 1


The best Deal in the elite wedding photography and videography industry. End February 20, 2024

Jan 30

General system in update

The general system of MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONSm is undergoing general updating and maintenance. Some occasional errors are possible.