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MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS 360 Booth is our newest addition to the MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS family and easy open-air video booth rental that can fit almost anywhere for a unique experience for guests and crowds! Its 360 design allows guests to create a memorable 360 Video with multiple people unlike anything you have seen before! Create your Dream Look in a 360 environment.
MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS 360 is 100% digital, meaning guests will get all their videos sent to their phone, email or social media.




The 360 experience starts by you standing on the platform with up to 7 of your guests getting ready to have some fun. We will then count you down and our camera takes a full 360 trip around capturing it all! The 360 video photo booth captures around 3 full spins and creates a slow-motion video that we can also add effects and music. Once you step off, you can instantly receive and share your video on social media, text, & email. We can also create custom video overlay animations that are out of this world! Brand the 360 video base with your designs or logos.

Great for Instagram Storys, Reels and Tiktok Upload

Our 360 Photobooth has the power for up to 5 people to make a video at the same time!

For your package of choice, you and your guests can use the Miguel Angel Productions 360 Booth as much as you like!

Bring up the light! HD Video and Lighting!

Wedding? Birthday? Corporate Event? Special Party? We can make custom design on your videos and add a song in the background.



  • 4 Hrs Continuous 360 Experience
  • 1 - 7 Guests per Video
  • Fun Premium variety of props
  • Private Online Video Gallery
  • Up to 7 guests at the same time
  • 2 - 3 professional & fun attendant(s)
  • Professional Sharing Station
  • Set up, delivery, & breakdown
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Professional Surrounding LED lighting
  • Custom Overlay Design
  • Elegant and Deluxe Performance
  • General liability insurance for venue
  • Instant Videos Sharing



A: We rent our 360 Photo Booth in within a 30 mile radius of Miami, FL. Any location or venue outside of this 30 mile radius may be assessed an additional fee of $10 per mile round trip.

A: The cost of our 360 Photo Booth Rental is straight forward. Depending on the length of time you would like for your event, the first 2 hours are $850 total, for 3 hours it will be $950, for 4 hours it is $1250, and each additional hour is $250 an hour.

A: Yes, All events have a $200 non-refundable deposit. This deposit locks in your date and goes towards your final balance which is due 5-3 days prior to the event.

A: At minimum a 10ft x 10ft area is required for the 360 Photo Booth to spin and to ensure guest safety. We will provide safety stanchions for the safety of your guest. We can downsize this a bit if needed to accommodate your event needs.

A: YES! But we require the area provided must be DRY and LEVEL, we cannot do events in wet, sandy, or muddy environments. If your event is taking place in the spring or fall, protection is not 100% necessary but at the first sign of inclement weather, we will have to pull the photo booth and this could disrupt your service window. All of our 360 Photo Booth equipment is battery powered and can operate anywhere as long as the conditions above are met.

A: Our 360 Photo Booth measures 45.3” in (115 cm) diameter, it is capable of holding 1 to 7 adults depending on guest size. The arm holding the camera on the 360 Photo Booth can extend up to 5’ away from the edge of the photo booth platform for guest wearing larger outfits that may overhang on the platform.

A: Absolutely not! Each package includes an attendant(s) who will set up, operate and remove the booth following the completion of the service window.

A: 360 videos can be sent to your guest via airdrop, text message, or email using our iPad sharing station.

A: YES! Upon request, we are able to provide you and your venue with a Certificate of Insurance (COI). If needed, we are also able to have your venue listed on our COI as an additional insured.

A: We use the best automatic 360 Video Photo Booth for smooth, consistent videos each and every time.