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Our Approach Is Unique:
As the bride and groom, you have your own unique style, perspective, taste, and ideas of how your wedding day will unfold. Only you know the time, resources and details that will be invested into your special day. It’s our desire, to capture the uniqueness of your personalities and the uniqueness of your wedding day on film, and artfully combine it with just the right music to create something far beyond a typical wedding video!

Our Approach is Passionate
This is no ordinary job for us! We understand the importance of this ONE big day! We believe we have one of the most meaningful jobs on the planet! This ONE day is a culmination of years and years of dreaming, relationship, family, planning and love! It’s your ONE day, so you better believe we will come prepared with a hard wired passion for excellence, creativity and emotion on your wedding day! Our team is comprised of some of the most talents Wedding Cinematographers and Film Editors in Miami and we are ready to tell YOUR wedding day story!

Our Approach is Inspired
Our Approach is Inspired and WE ARE INSPIRED BY YOU! With over 10 years of experience in the wedding and event industry, you can rest assure, that our team at MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS, will provide you with excellent customer service and a gorgeous and unique wedding film that you and your family will enjoy for the rest of your lives.

Its your style, your emotions, your vision, your dreams! Why should your wedding film represent anything less? Why should it be done any other way? It’s unique, its passionate, it’s inspired, It’s You!!