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Welcome to our Premium Photography and Video Company!

We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive lottery service, specifically designed to offer our valued customers the opportunity to purchase our products and services at incredibly low prices.

Introducing our Photography and Video Lottery, where dreams become reality! Have you ever imagined acquiring high-quality photography and video services at unbeatable prices? Well, now is your chance! Our innovative lottery service has been carefully designed to provide you with the possibility of acquiring our products and services at an incredibly low cost.

Here’s how it works: participants purchase lottery tickets at a significantly lower price than the original value of our products and services. Each ticket represents a chance to win the prize, which corresponds to the specific product or service mentioned in the lottery. The winner of the prize will obtain that product or service at the price of the purchased ticket, an absolutely astonishing offer!

But that’s not all. Even if you are not the main winner, all other participants will receive a generous percentage discount on their future bookings with us. We want to ensure that everyone benefits from this unique and exciting experience.

It is important to highlight that our lottery is completely real and genuine. We pride ourselves on offering transparency and honesty in all our business practices. We have implemented a fair and random system to determine the winner of each lottery, ensuring that every participant has a real chance of winning the prize.

Now, let me present to you some compelling reasons why we believe our lottery is the best way to purchase:

  1. Accessibility: Our lottery service provides you with the opportunity to obtain our products and services at considerably lower prices. It is an affordable and thrilling way to access the exceptional quality we offer.

  2. Excitement: The anticipation and excitement of participating in a lottery will provide you with a unique experience. Imagine the thrill of winning a top-notch photography or video service at a minimal price.

  3. Discount Opportunity: Even if you don’t win the main prize, all other participants receive a percentage discount for future bookings. It is a way to thank them for their participation and provide them with an additional benefit.

  4. Guaranteed Quality: Our Photography and Video Company takes pride in delivering high-quality services. You can trust that the prize you win or the services you book with a discount will meet your expectations and exceptionally capture your most precious moments.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in our Photography and Video Lottery. It is the best way to acquire our services at incredible and exciting prices! Contact us today for more information and join this unique experience. Good luck!


The signing of the reservation contract for the winner will be recorded at the time they visit our office after winning the prize. All information including remaining time for the prize and the winner of the month will be in the public domain.


There is no where else in the elite production professional industry the chance to win an entire production for just $50, so this is for you!


Ok, let's assume you didn't win the grand prize, but think about it... You pay $50 and you're entitled to a 20% discount for the next 3 months on all our packages!... In numbers... If the 8-hour package it costs $3750 YOU ONLY PAY $3000 just for having the Gold Membership!

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APRIL - MAY WINNER : Yanelys89