1- The client is responsible for securing the permission to videotape and/or photograph the ceremony from the officials of the location where the event is being held. The deposit is nonrefundable if such officials prevent videotaping and /or photography.

2 – We will make every possible effort to fulfill our contract with the client. MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to, weather abnormalities, power failure.

3- It is understood that MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS is the exclusive Videographer retained by the client to cover each event. Any conflicts with other photographic and/or video coverage contracts and any notifications necessary to avoid such conflicts are the sole responsibility of the client.

4- MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS reserve the right to use videos for display, publication or other purposes.

5- No specific section of the event is guaranteed to make the final video or be videoed. We record all that is requested to the best of our abilities and our control. We communicate with all other vendors to coordinate all the important aspects of your day.

6 – All videographers and Photographers will be provided with food if covering the event After 3 to 4 hours of production

7- The remaining balance is due 3 – 5 days before the event day.

8- DISPLAY RIGHTS: MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS reserves all rights to exclusive use of the videotape, reproduction and display. THE CLIENT is acting as agent for all guests and grants MIGUEL ANGEL
PRODUCTIONS rights for reproduction and display use of videotapes produced under this agreement.
All work produced under MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS is copyrighted and fully protected by Federal Copyright Law. With this notice, and by virtue of their attendance, all guests and service providers acknowledge and give permission for the use of their images, voices, and likenesses by

9- PRODUCTION & EDITORIAL CONTROL: MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS is the exclusive official videographer retained by THE CLIENT to cover the event. MIGUEL ANGEL
PRODUCTIONS is granted full production and editorial control by THE CLIENT regarding all aspects of the production and postproduction services for this event. In the case another outside video production company is present at the event, MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS has cause to discontinue coverage and no monies will be refunded. MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS reserves the exclusive right to edit all videotape.

10- The recording of the event, post-production editing, and the length of the final product are at the sole discretion of MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS. If something occurred at the event that THE CLIENT does not want to appear on the videotape, THE CLIENT must instruct MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS before editing begins. Any editing changes must be requested within one week of delivery of the product. Editing errors made by MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS are corrected at no charge (e.g., spelling or technical errors). Changes that are not the result of errors by MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS will be made at the current rate per hour for editing labor and duplication fees. One week after delivery, MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS is no longer liable for any requested changes. THE CLIENT is granted only a license to use the production for private, nonprofit uses, unless other permission is granted in writing by MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS.

12 – DELIVERY OF PRODUCT: The final product will be delivered approximately 15 to 25 days after the event, Although depending on the demand for productions and volume of work, it may take up to 8 weeks after the event. All preproduction materials are received by MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS. The completion time is only an approximate length of time and any longer periods necessary for completion will not void this contract.

13- VENUE RESTRICTIONS: The videographer may be necessarily limited by the guidelines or rules of the establishment, religious venue or reception venue. The client understands and agrees that the videographer will abide by such guidelines or rules and that they are outside of the control of the videographer. The client agrees to hold the videographer harmless for the impact of such guidelines or rules may have on the resulting video. In the event that the local authorities do not allow the MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS team to enter the site. The deposit or amount paid will not be refunded. Therefore, the client must resolve it with legal actions with the venue.

14- ARTISTIC LICENSE: The videographer shall be granted full artistic license in relation to the video being filmed and edited. The videographer will not be held responsible for the lack of coverage caused by the following reasons; the event not being on time, members of the event or family are unavailable, if the event is running late or if restrictions regarding videography at the desired location of the event are in force.
MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS is the intellectual owner of all content created on the day of the event and may impose publication restrictions on vendors who violate company policies.

15- MEALS: The client will provide meals for the videographer and one assistant during the time when the dinner is being served to the guests. These may be served in the dining room or at another location in the reception venue. It is requested that the videographer and assistant be seated in the dining room if at all possible, so as to be able to continue to film during the meal.

If additional hours are needed on the day of the event beyond the time agreed in this contract, a charge of $500 per hour will apply.

If the customer paid their deposit, but changes their mind at a point in time to complete the service, the deposit amount will not be refunded to compensate for their loss of business. If the client needs to transfer the date, the deposit will not be refunded and a new contract must be signed, subject to the availability of the company.
The only reason for which the deposit will be refunded is due to the death of the protagonist of the event or one of the protagonists of the event.
18- CREW DAMAGE: If for any technical reason, responsibility of the team, the recorded content is lost and the work cannot be delivered to the client, all payments received from the client will be refunded.

19- DELIBERATE DAMAGE: In the event that the client or any guest deliberately damages the cameras or equipment tools, it will be the client’s responsibility to assume the costs of the damaged equipment and the payments made up to now will not be reimbursed in any case.

Monthly payments before the event. Final invoice plus tax.

The client must pay before the event, or the same day of the event after the team leave the place. if 3 days after the event, we have not received the complete payment, the contract will lose validity. The deposit, or any amount paid will not be refundable.

The client agrees to the release of their highlight video or parts of their video for promotional use on the videographer’s website, Facebook and other social media sites online.

The client must guarantee parking for the MIGUEL ANGEL PRODUCTIONS team. And ensure that the place, hotel, etc. validates the Valet Parking ticket.

Miguel Angel, the video director, or the producer who replaces him in the position of video director will have the right to control all aspects of the recording in order to achieve the perfect production result. Including moving the guests lighting among other aspects.